South Carolina Council for the Social Studies Wiki
Welcome to the SCCSS Wiki, a place for educators to gather for collaboration and sharing of best practices in social studies education. Our goal is to create a common space for South Carolina teachers to post their innovative, standards-based lessons, resources and projects. By actively participating in this wiki, you are collaborating with colleagues across the state who share your interest in and passion for providing the best K-12 educational experiences for our students. As professional educators, we are constantly striving to improve our craft and expand and our knowledge base. Collaborating with others helps us to accomplish this, understanding that by working together, we can be stronger than we ever could be alone. So bring your best and help us build a terrific educational resource. Thanks for sharing!

Getting Started
  1. Browse the Content Pages (links to each page are found in the menu bar to your left)
  2. Within each page you'll find links to content; simply click on the link to download
  3. To contribute content to a page (lesson plans, resources, project ideas, etc...)
    • Click "Edit this Page"
    • Upload your files and/or add your url links
    • Next to your file, please add a brief description that explains your resource to others

Continuing Collaboration
´╗┐While our focus for this wiki is sharing ideas based on the South Carolina Social Studies Standards, there is much to be taught, learned and shared that go well beyond these standards. We invite you to tap into an ever-growing network of professional educators across the nation and around the world who, like you, are eager to learn from one another. Here are a few places to explore as you build your Personal Learning Network (PLN):
  • National Council for the Social Studies: At NCSS, you'll find outstanding resources, such as publications, online groups, blogs and message boards that connect you with teachers like you across the nation. And of course, the annual conference is not to be missed!
  • Edutopia Social Studies Group: For twenty years, Edutopia ´╗┐has delivered to educators the "latest and greatest" trends in curriculum, instruction, assessment and personal and professional growth. In July 2011, the online magazine launched its first subject-specific content page, the Edutopia Social Studies Group. This group serves as a sounding board for ideas and a place for sharing resources. Join up, sign in, and join the conversation!
  • Edutopia Social Studies Wiki: Launched in July 2011, this companion site to the Edutopia Social Studies Group, this wiki provides a space for K-12 teachers to share and download a variety of subject-specific resources.
  • SS Chat Ning: #SSChat is a group of more than 200 educators who regularly share information, resources and support with one another via the #sschat feed on Twitter. What began as a weekly Twitter chat session in August 2010 (Monday nights, 7 pm EST) has rapidly evolved into one of the most innovative and dynamic PLNs in America. Understanding that Twitter has its limits for resources, and in an attempt to broaden it's impact, the SSChat educators developed a Ning that has taken their collaborative efforts to a new level. Whether you're a new teacher or seasoned veteran, you'll want to join the ranks of the SSChat movement.